If Sheikh Hasina is not the Prime Minister this time, it will be good for the nation

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel
If Sheikh Hasina is not the Prime Minister this time, it will be good for the nation

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel: Sheikh Hasina not being the Prime Minister this time would be beneficial for the nation. Despite having a significant influence over the major part of the nation, she has not performed well. Instead, she relies on lower-level bureaucrats, undermining the nation’s profile with unnecessary incompetence.

As a major political party and simultaneously as a party in power, the Awami League had the support of around 40/42 percent of the voters (estimated); unbiased voters were more than 10/12 percent. The anti-Awami voters were around 60 percent. In this situation, there was a possibility that voter support in this election would be close to 50 percent.

However, in reality, it seems likely that voter support was more than 25 percent. If it remains less than 30 percent, it means that the Trinamool voters of Awami League no longer trust Sheikh Hasina as before, and their confidence in her has diminished. The aggressive tactics, strikes, and fire-related incidents by the BNP had raised hopes for the Awami supporters, but people were afraid and uncertain about what the police and the cadres would do. People did not vote for Sheikh Hasina under pressure; she should acknowledge this and consider maintaining self-respect.

Considering all these aspects, it can be easily understood that the love of the people for the Awami League under her leadership is not as before; rather, fear has increased. Therefore, if she is not the Prime Minister this time, her prestige will increase over time, and people will forget these damaging skills of hers. To gain freedom from fear and disrespect from the people, it is appropriate for her not to be the Prime Minister this time and to provide a new opportunity for the nation to rethink.

Her party has become entirely authoritarian and militarized (occupied by the intruder force). To bring her back into politics, she also needs time. In 44 years, she has transformed the party into a pyramid of beneficiaries of society and an unproductive profession. They need to be brought back to normal life by offering jobs. It will take her 5 years here. This is a very necessary matter.

In the last two elections, she used deceptive tactics and damaged our nation’s profile. Why are our people afraid of America?

Writer : Apurbo Ahmed Jewel