Sheikh Hasina is not like a good Prime Minister

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel
Sheikh Hasina is not like a good Prime Minister

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel: “Sheikh Hasina has stated that the history of this election will be written ‘in golden letters.’ This gives a very low-quality impression of her; after conducting such an election as a responsible Prime Minister, she needed to maintain a low profile. To put it plainly, she could say, ‘BNP is a big party, and due to their own political mistakes and strategy, they did not participate in the election, and their supporters did not vote. As a result, there was less voter turnout in the election. If BNP had participated, the election would have been more vibrant, the turnout would have been higher, and the people of their party would have exercised democratic rights through voting. Those who participated in their absence should be satisfied with the citizens of the country.’

She has chosen candidates of the same type and in the last 15 years, MPs have been elected from this group who are known to the people as a mafia, corrupt businessmen, and unethical politicians. They are the ones who will engage in embezzlement in the next 5 years, increasing their wealth in every way. There is no possibility of them bringing any new bills. Their history of being elected will not be written ‘in golden letters’; they will be known only as thieves.

She needed to consider what the government thinks about America and Britain’s statements. Nowadays, even the European Union will make similar statements. Will they face any consequences? No, nothing like that will happen; because BNP did not participate in the election; in those countries, participation is essential for consideration.

India has accepted this election; good! But if we criticize this type of election in a one-liner as our true friends, it can be understood that they want the best for us. By accepting this kind of election, they are saying, ‘Do as you wish; you are not doing better than this. Stick to your knowledge and values; this is enough; somewhat condescending.’ They know that Bengalis and Pakistanis will continue to be like this.

In 2007, during the emergency, General Moeen U Ahmed went to India for support to move away from power; at that time, Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister. He held a few horses in his hand and sent them back, stating that India was not in favor of military intervention. India does not support this type of election either, but they accepted it without any criticism. They don’t want to say that they want us to do well; they have accepted this kind of election without criticism!”

Writer and Editor : Apurbo Ahmed Jewel