The Awami League has never stepped back in selling the country.

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel
The Awami League has never stepped back in selling the country.

In the third term, the Awami League government is firmly rooted in self-confidence. Despite numerous allegations, thousands of cases, and countless incidents of violence, the Awami League, empowered through election manipulation and vote theft, now floats in the clouds of arrogance. They believe they can do no wrong. Even after all this, when there is no public outrage, what else can be expected?

Around each position within the Awami League, a circle of power or sphere of influence has been created. Those within this sphere wield more power than the state itself. In a literal sense, that is. Obaidul Quader’s influence extends to those bagging party positions easily. Abdus Sobhan Golap, an infamous figure, holds a central position in the Awami League.

Again, even those holding positions of power under the Prime Minister are in comfortable situations. Salman F Rahman becomes a minister without any experience in representation! The government, running on vaccine donations, provides opportunities for business within the pandemic to companies like Beximco. Beximco profits significantly from the vaccine, without any accountability.

The corruption of the military leadership was highlighted in Al Jazeera’s report. Unlimited corruption, favoritism, meetings with a controversial tenant, illegal business abroad, fake documents, using foreign embassies for business – all within the first 15 minutes of Al Jazeera’s report! And what was the result? Nothing! Absolute impunity!

General Aziz Bizi has engaged in business, has connections with drug trafficking, and has used the military to support his political interests in the party. In return, he has helped his brothers in business through exchanges! This is the price of loyalty. Aziz has supported the Awami League during elections and received affection in return. Having spent his whole life, now it’s time to reap the rewards.

Obaidul Quader’s brother, Abdul Quader Mirza, continues to make aggressive statements day by day against those in power. Salman F Rahman, without any experience in representation, becomes a minister! The government’s preference for Beximco within the vaccine distribution provides them with a business opportunity during the pandemic. Despite criticism, Beximco profits heavily without any accountability.

The final sphere is that of the transport workers. This organization was traditionally bipartisan. Representatives from Jamaat, BNP, Japa, League, Jasad, and Basad were all part of this organization. During the 2014 elections, the government, at the time, employed this organization to make BNP’s Dhaka blockade ineffective. This organization, under the leadership of Shajahan Khan and Moshiur Rahman Ranga, had also become ministers. Not only that, due to this agreement, laws were passed reducing penalties for traffic law violations.

In 2018, when the whole country stood up for safer roads, the government still did not forget their commitment to them. Despite the potential harm to the future generations of the country, their commitment was unwavering.

Awami League’s loyalty is something at a mythical level. They sell the country in fulfilling their promises, but they will never be betrayed. It has never happened and probably never will.

Writer : Apurbo Ahmed Jewel