The government is misusing the spirit of the liberation war

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The government is misusing the spirit of the liberation war

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel:- Now the real freedom fighters are said to be the opposition forces of the liberation war and those who vote in the darkness of the night are the forces in favor of the liberation war. If something is said against the government, the title of Razakar is attached.

The roar of fake freedom fighters is now intense. And the false roar of their liberation war spirit can be heard now. The great history of liberation war and false interpretation of various true events are being given. The entire country is divided into two parts. And one of the weapons of this division is the spirit of liberation war. Those who are real freedom fighters are called the opposition forces of the liberation war. And those who are keeping the mind of the government for no reason, are constantly enslaving them, who have sacrificed their self-respect to their interests, are now roaming in Birdarpa. They are the strength of the liberation war.

And the people trapped in the siege of this liberation war are robbing banks and smuggling the country’s currency abroad. Corruption is rampant in the nation today. And it will be or not why? Who will prevent all types of corruption? Those who are vested with this right have come to power through vote theft in the middle of the night. And now he is abusing that power to the maximum. They say day to night to night. People are being killed all over the country. People are losing it when they need it. The stock market has been looted by receiving their help. The people of the country today are hostage to this evil power. Ordinary people do not have the right to live like themselves. I don’t know how they became the power of the liberation war by taking away all the rights of the people of the country.

Democracy has been strangled by this government. This looter government has looted the country’s wealth and made a mountain of its own wealth. Yet there is no end to shamelessness. They claim themselves as the strength of the liberation war. In fact, they are the forces against consciousness. The biggest opposition force in the history of Bangladesh’s liberation war is currently in power.

A party will take power through fair elections. They will rule the country. Will establish good governance in the country. Everyone will have freedom of expression regardless of party affiliation. This is the motto of a democratic state. Millions of brave freedom fighters gave their lives in 1971 in the hope of getting this freedom. But where is that freedom now? This government and their allies are defaming the strength of the independence and liberation war.

According to the constitution of Bangladesh, the country is owned by the people, but actually the country is now owned by the Awami League. People should run the way they run the country. There will be no opposing forces. They are moving forward with this despicable plan. They are doing all kinds of measures to destroy the opposition party. People are not being given the opportunity to vote for their preferred party. The nation is being disenfranchised. Anarchy, looting of Awami leaders and activists across the country. They are sitting with an attitude as if they have bought the war of liberation. They are the masters of it. Their tyranny and lawlessness are increasing in the name of liberation war. But they must also remember that everything has an end. They will find no escape on the day when the people will roar and shout. The past must not be forgotten. The downfall of their selfishness and bad taste is certain.