The number of anti-government forces in the country is now much higher

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel
The number of anti-government forces in the country is now much higher

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel: The number of anti-government forces in the country is now higher; however, their quality of leadership is lacking. Jamaat-e-Islami is harmful to any community, BNP and JaPa supporters are like military parasites, opposed to the interests of the common people, and Hefazat supporters are turbulent advocates; hence this huge population is not standing in favor of the Awami League. Sheikh Hasina is using BNP and Jamaat leadership like stubborn horses to maintain power; she sees JaPa as driven by the greed for corruption; she would be pleased to see Hefazat subdued.

However, the number of professionals in the country is not always low; although a considerable number of ‘Islamic scholars’ are emerging even from BUET and medical colleges. There are plenty of knowledgeable people at the high school, college, and university levels and in the artisanal sector who understand that the governments of the past 52 years have not run the country properly, and we are falling behind drastically; two-thirds of the country’s families are utilizing all the resources and opportunities, enjoying a good life even better than those in Europe and America; the rest are struggling like slaves.

People from 60/70 lakh families in the country are living a better life in Arab countries, Malaysia, and Europe, maintaining their families smoothly; however, this is not a sustainable solution, people are being deprived of their family life; the standard of living of the people in our neighboring countries is higher than ours; although they live in a tough and ruthless society. Alongside the government, many countries have created various systems for many communities. Our government treats the people of the country like the people of the colony.

Those who do not believe in military rule, do not believe in the Bedouin economy of Hazrat Omar (dates and camel’s hump), those who do not believe in Basundhara, Alam Brothers, private universities, and private hospitals, can they, alongside the Awami government, through their own efforts, for the nation, create a parallel economy and financial system alongside the government?