Under Sheikh Hasina’s current term, the country’s situation will deteriorate further

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Under Sheikh Hasina’s current term, the country’s situation will deteriorate further

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel: Before leaving the position of Finance Minister, Mr. Kamal, have you switched parties? There is no dollar with the banks; the reserves have decreased from 48 billion dollars to 18 billion dollars! Has any product imported or locally produced been sold at a lower price? Where did the money go? Even if there are no dollars, there is an equivalent amount of money in the government, right? The new minister, whether successful or not, has not said anything about it; as a result, there is no path to measure the progress during his tenure.

Bangalis residing in England, America, Canada, and Europe, are selling their properties in the country. Has Sheikh Hasina understood how the modern world is progressing? There is no background like hers to understand. Those brought into the cabinet are more interested in gaining a good reputation in politics, winning elections honestly, which most of them have not done. They are all products of Sheikh Hasina’s “skills,” all businessmen; most of them are not popular in their own areas. When they go to their areas, there is no interaction with the people; they are busy with their cadre fathers.

Deepumoni has buried education, and Cricket Kamal has distorted the economy. In this terrible economic situation globally, Sheikh Hasina and the bureaucrats have taken the country towards China-Russia-India. India does not like us; in this election, India has congratulated Bangladesh ahead of everyone; but what kind of election has Modi held in his country? India certainly does not want BNP-Jamaat in power in Bangladesh, and a large part of Bangladesh does not want them either; but will any leader of BJP compete with a BJP candidate? If not, he could have said in the congratulatory letter, “In Bangladesh, there is a need for more participatory voting, where every citizen can vote.”

China does business in that country, and the government officials and bureaucrats of that country will inevitably become corrupt. When China emerged from socialism, the opportunity for business and ownership of capital fell only into the hands of the party’s dacoits. Those dacoits, who became owners of businesses, are now helping the governments of different countries in the looting of public funds in their own countries. Russia’s situation, everyone knows! If you search, even Bengalis can be found as warriors; the matter will be cleared if searched in Nur Ali’s office in Dhaka.

For the past 5 years, Nofel was the State Minister of Education; the number of students in primary schools is decreasing, and madrasas are opening in everyone’s drawing room, has he seen it? Foreign graduates are working and taking dollars abroad; hasn’t it caught his eye? Has he not thought of any solution to these issues? His father was a mafia; he sent Nofel abroad with the money from the dacoity! These people are the jewels of his cabinet; it will not be possible to move forward with them.

Editor and publisher: Apurbo Ahmed Jewel