The politics of holding common people hostage

Apurbo Ahmed Jewel
The politics of holding common people hostage

By Apurbo Ahmed Jewel: “We are currently living in a time when the country and its people are going through an extreme crisis. Despite their desire, they are not finding relief from it. The common people of the country are now accountable to the government. Democracy is disappearing today, people’s rights and freedoms are diminishing, and the entire country is engulfed in corruption, bribery, unemployment issues, and an unstable market, leading the general public into limitless instability. Swift solutions are needed.

For the country to progress towards an unbiased, transparent, and impartial election, where the people can elect a capable government for peace through their votes, is essential. The government that will manage the country democratically and be accountable to the people.

While there are various problems throughout the country, the focal point remains the need for centralizing power through fair elections, as mere election crises won’t solve the problems. For this, a long-term reform in the political arena is inevitable. This includes changing the current election method, reverting to proportional representation, and discontinuing the politics of alliances.

However, the most critical aspect is the full distribution of powers of the Prime Minister and the President, especially defining the limits of the Prime Minister’s authority. The current Prime Minister is involved in all matters of the country, leaving no room for other administrations. Even if they exist, they are not active. Additionally, policies should be adopted that prevent an individual from holding the position of government head for more than two terms. Party leaders, even if they become political heads, should refrain from holding positions in the government. The culture of resigning from Parliament should be enacted, and ethical codes of conduct for parliamentarians need to be enforced. The country is now party-less, so the government has voluntarily entrusted responsibilities to the people. Creating an environment for the participation of opposition parties, even electing a Deputy Speaker from the opposition, should be considered. Moreover, a comprehensive discussion on democratic development, including the amendment of Article 70 of the Constitution, is necessary within the political party. Political activities and movement guidelines should be adopted and implemented realistically to eradicate the abuse of power and corruption so that through such actions, people’s fundamental rights and natural way of life can be restored.

In conclusion, the eradication of corruption and the misuse of power at the center of political power is crucial to eliminate the opportunities for corrupt practices. It needs to happen urgently. Institutions like the administration, law enforcement agencies, the judicial system, the Anti-Corruption Commission, and the Election Commission should be free from the political influence of political parties. Regardless of the length of the reform process and any discomfort it may cause, the journey towards democracy and public welfare must begin now. There is no time for procrastination. The current political stagnation, autocracy, and politics of aggression may not last long. People need to be given back their rights. And for this, there is no alternative to a democratic process.

If there is sincerity in politics, a solution is possible, as everyone knows. There is no need for expert opinions or foreign advice or interference. The demand of any ordinary citizen of the country is sufficient. Hence, the national interest and the people’s expectations must take precedence over everything else. The people must be saved from the shackles of this power-hungry politics. It is imperative to stop this distorted politics of power at any cost.

Writer: Apurbo Ahmed Jewel

Editor and Publisher, Daily Aloodon”